Pick by Light or Put to Light

Pick by Light or Put to Light is the umbrella term for guiding the employee by light signals. Pick by Light or Put to Light systems are used for various tasks:

  • Paperless picking
  • Paperless storage
  • Paperless assembly
  • Semi-automated assembly
  • Process quality improvement
  • Productivity increase
Pick by Light oder Put to Light

Pick by Light systems improve and simplify many processes by preventing possible sources of error, e.g. by reaching into the wrong tray and thus removing the wrong parts. The employee no longer searches for the correct tray or part using a parts list with numbers, but the destination is clearly signaled to him by a light. In combination with a sensor that detects the employee's hand, quality assurance functions can be implemented efficiently. The sensor can be a photoelectric reflex switch or scanner, for example.

Pick By Light units from Roth Technik are ideal for mounting on thanks to the very small footprint and easy handling.

Aluminum profiles e.g. for assembly systems, workstations, special machines and many more. The casing has a large front surface above/below the light element for your labeling e.g. with self-adhesive labels.

Roth Technik Pick by Light systems are based on a modular concept. A Pick by Light (PBL for short) unit essentially consists of a luminaire and a sensor. The low installation depth, the small installation space and the modular concept characterize our unique systems. Customer-specific requirements and adaptations can therefore be implemented quickly and very efficiently. Contact us without obligation!

Luminaire and sensor, interface

The luminaire is designed as an LED print. The high-quality LEDs and other electronic components enable an extremely long service life with simultaneously low energy consumption and minimal heat generation. Variants with microcontroller for color selection and flashing functions allow a high variety of functions with very small wiring effort.

Various control options are available:

  • Direct wiring to digital output/digital output with 24V
  • Two wire bus (e.g. AS-I or related)
  • Sensor wired separately
  • Sensor connected to LED board and looped through to BUS or single wiring
  • Multicolor (RGB)
  • Single color
  • Color and function selection(e.g. flashing) fixed, only on/off
  • Color and function selection via pulse width modulation 0...10V


Often the casing and the base plate are made of anodized aluminum to withstand impacts and harsh environmental conditions. In principle, however, almost any material can be used for the casing, the base plate and the lighting element. Other geometries or colors of the casing, base plate and prism can be produced quickly, efficiently and without the high set-up costs of an injection mold thanks to our own additive manufacturing capacity. You can find some examples in the image gallery below.

We are happy and flexible to respond to customer requests. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Dimensions standard

The following dimensions correspond to the standard casing and base plate:

Pick by Light oder Put to Light

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