Pallet Handling Cell (PHC)

The Pallet Handling Cell (PHC) is an automation solution optimized for maximum storage density for loading and unloading machine tools with pallets or automation clamps.

Ideally, it stands on the left or right and loads the machine tool through a loading hatch. According to our credo "The simplest solutions are the most ingenious", we deliver the PHC without job management and data management as standard. The communication to the machine tool is done via digital handshake signals. On customer request, we are also happy to implement job management solutions with data handling, network connection and much more.

Pallet Handling Cell (PHC)

Pallets and vices from almost all manufacturers can be processed in the PHC. Thanks to the air supply via the robot, no expensive rotary unions are required on the machine tool. Roth Technik retrofits loading hatches on existing or new machine tools, takes care of the interface to the machine tool and equips the PHC for you with the clamping devices of your choice. An ideal carefree package.

Pallet handling offers some massive advantages over part handling. The setup effort for a new part is vanishingly small, since neither processes nor programs have to be adapted. Since the part is clamped by hand and the robot only exchanges pallets, process reliability is much higher, especially for delicate parts. With the PHC pallet handling system, several jobs can be processed in succession without retooling or manual intervention and a complex job management system!

That is "performance in production"

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