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We realise simple to highly complex automation solutions for and with our customers that are really clever and optimised. The basis for this is that we listen to our customers and precisely analyse and consider their needs and circumstances.

Then automation concepts are created that give our customers a significant competitive advantage and make their production fit for the future!


What is automation

Automation generally describes the use of technologies (machines) to make processes more efficient, faster, easier and with less staff involvement. In production automation, special machines, systems, robots, collaborative robots, conveyor systems and handling systems are used for this purpose. In this way, the manufacturing company achieves lower production costs with a simultaneous increase in productivity, reliability and quality.

In addition, employees are freed from monotonous work processes and thus their area of responsibility is upgraded.

Automation enables the rational production of goods, and thus a reduction in costs and an increase in production. This makes these goods and products affordable, which in turn increases prosperity.

A good example of this is the smartphone: a mass-produced device that combines dozens of functions (telephone, supercomputer, photo camera, video camera, navigation system, fax, agenda, book, magazine, coach, etc.) at a much lower price than the sum of its individual functions.

How we automate

Production processes can often be automated in many ways. But only one or a few are really optimal, and coherent. For us, coherent means that the many requirements for automation are fulfilled very well. Coherent automation systems do not take up more factory space than necessary and are kept simple. Our motto "The ingenuity lies in the simplicity. Anyone can design complicated things." proves true time and again.

In addition, clever automation solutions are maintenance-free or low-maintenance and easy to maintain, have a long service life and most importantly: they are reliable.

Digitalisation, networking & "Industry 4.0"

Networked automation solutions such as special machines, robot cells and production plants enable the control, monitoring and data exchange with higher-level software solutions such as MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems), PPS (Production Planning Systems), etc.

Networking and data exchange can be expanded almost at will and made available from any location at any time. This digitalisation and the so-called "fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0" are creating exciting new advantages and even completely new business models.

What you can expect from us

Roth Technik is the ideal partner for you when it comes to automation. We analyse your existing production processes together with you and for you. Then we check the environmental conditions and interfaces to machines, control systems, etc. We are also happy to look beyond "the edge of your nose" to upstream and downstream processes.

This may result in potential synergies. From the information gained, we draw up a specification together with you. Based on this, we develop the most coherent automation solution for you that is precisely tailored to your application.

Classic industrial robots are often used, as well as collaborative robots, so-called cobots, if this results in an advantage for you. Self-driving vehicles are increasingly taking over logistics and conveying tasks. Intelligent camera systems take over quality testing and inspection tasks.

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Clever automation - future-proof production!

At Roth Technik you get everything from a single source. From consulting to after-sales service. And that for all industries and all processes.

Clever Automatisieren - Zukunftssicher Produzieren!
Ausbildung zum Automationsexperten
Ausbildung zum Automationsexperten
Ausbildung zum Automationsexperten

Training to become an "automation expert"

Are you interested in the exciting world of automation and wondering which training courses are in demand?

Various disciplines are required for a clever automation solution. A plant is designed, simulated and optimised on the CAD (Computer Aided Design) system on the PC. This task is carried out by one person or a team. Ideally, one has completed an apprenticeship as a design engineer or polymechanic, and then graduated from a higher technical college or university of applied sciences (Bachelor). The most suitable subjects are e.g. systems engineering, mechatronics, mechanical engineering.

Clever automation solutions are always developed as mechatronic systems. The control system, the software and the design must form a sensible, well-coordinated whole.

The programming of robots and controllers is a demanding task for which ideally an apprenticeship as an automation engineer has been completed, followed by a higher technical college, university of applied sciences (Bachelor) or ETH.

Ideally, the subject area already includes software. Systems engineering, robotics, mechatronics, computer science or similar are good prerequisites.

Further information on training opportunities

Apprenticeship as an automation engineer:

Further education:

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